Los Angeles in the 1900s

Los Angeles Baseball Club


George Garrigues

Statistics from Zingg and Medeiros,
Runs, Hits and an Era: The Pacific Coast League, 1903-58.


Los Angeles team stats:


1903: Champions, won 133 and lost 78.

1904: Second place, won 119 and lost 97.

1905: Champions, won 120 and lost 94.

1906: Fourth place, won 93 and lost 91.

1907: Champions, won 115 and lost 74.

1908: Champions, won 110 and lost 78.

1909: Third place, won 118 and lost 97.


Individual stats:


1903: Doc Newton led in wins, 35.

1904: Doc Newton led in wins, 39.

1905: Kitty Brashear had highest batting average, .303.

1907: Walter Carlisle led in home runs, 14.

An e-mail correspondent, Ken Horn, has a clipping from the Los Angeles Herald of August 31, 1901, headlined "Angels Take Another Game."

But for some reason, the local newspapers seemed not to use the term "Angels" in their reporting. Neither the Times, the Herald nor the Express referred to the Los Angeles Baseball Club in that way. The Times used “Looloos” (an early spelling for “Lulus”), the Express wrote merely “the local players” and the Herald (except for that one early clipping owned by Horn) called them “the Redlegs.”

Of course, I could not read every baseball story during the decade, so who knows ——?

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